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What's New?

There are always things going on with our dogs and Blade's kids. We'll try to keep up with the latest and greatest here. 





















AKC Nationals Placement

Degen received 4th place out of 18 in a beautiful class of Bred By Exhibitor dogs at the 2015 AKC Nationals held at Purina Farms in Missouri. Thank you to Judge Gail Karamalegos for honoring our boy.


First AKC Major

We garnered our first AKC major for 4 points out of the Bred By Exhibitor class at the Jonesboro, GA show cluster in January 2015. Many thanks to Judge Buxton for this win. 


Double Major

Degen and sister, Diva, landed their first ASCA majors (5 points) at 11 months of age, both in the same show under Sr Breeder Judge Annette Cyboron. Thank you for thinking so highly of our kids.


The Puppies Are Here!

April 14, 2013​

We've been excited about this Blade X Jaime litter for months and they have arrived! We were off to a slow start and a visit to the Emergency Vet in the afternoon, but once things started happening, all went well. 

We have 9 healthy babies; 2 Blue Merle Boys, 2 Black Boys, 4 Blue Merle Girls and 1 Black Girl. The litter is very consistent in size, activity level and all seem healthy and vigorous. Jaime will have to put her track shoes on to keep up with these little guys.

Nora Finishes Her AKC Championship

AKC/ASCA CH Vesper Coolmoor Even Though "Nora"...finished her AKC CH out of Bred-By!

We're so proud of Nora. Look for her soon in the stock trial arena. She's getting started on stock and loves to work.

She's owned and shown by Jennie Williams / Vesper Australian Shepherds.

Tornado Finishes His ASCA Championship

ASCA CH Vesper Coolmoor Tornado "Tornado"...finished his ASCA CH out of Bred-By!

Tornado is Nora's littermate. Both beautiful and loving dogs. 

He's owned by Kathy Thigpen & Allen Watson at the Daisy Creek Dairy and shown by Jennie Williams / Vesper Australian Shepherds.

Trig Receives Winners Dog

Judge - Bobbie Myrick

Coolmoor 2R Go Man Go "Trig" is part of the big boy crowd now. He landed his first Winners Dog at the MidSouth ASC shows in Murfreesboro over Memorial Day weekend. We're hoping for a lot more to come.

Trig is owned by Debbi Robbe.


Snap Receives Winners Bitch

Judge - Bobbie Myrick 

Snap took Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the MidSouth ASC shows over Memorial Day weekend. Just a few more points and she'll be a champion. Snap is also doing great in agility and herding.

She's owned and shown by Shelly Spotswood of Wonderdog Farms.

Blade Wins Big Kahuna

Advanced Rally Champion

I'm so proud of Blade for this accomplishment. After the puppies arrived, training came to a standstill, but we dusted ourselves off, worked very hard the week before the trial and went on to capture Blade's RAX Rally title with a 200, 199 and 197 out of a perfect 200, each trial. He was the highest combined score in Advanced for the weekend.


Blade Wins Best of Breed

After a great start in the morning, Mrs. Catlin awarded Blade Best of Breed during the Intact portion of the show. 


Degen Wins Best Puppy

Our little guy's first show was August 10 at the Georgia Performance Aussie show. Judge Susan Catlin was very kind and patient with all the tots. At the end, she named Degen Best Puppy and Diva, his sister, Best Opposite Sex Puppy. 


Snap Completes Her SVCH

Snap is one of the youngest dogs in ASCA history to achieve the SVCH title. She's done an amazing job in agility, on livestock, in the obedience ring and was a Champion at an early age. Congrats to Snap and Shelly! 


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