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Our Breeding Philosophy

I've been involved with Aussies for over 23 years, but have not felt the need to become "a breeder." I enjoy training and showing my dogs and over the years have realized I've worked with some extraordinary bloodlines. Going forward, breedings will occur on a limited and very thoughtful basis. As I've trained and shown my own dogs and gained more experience in the breed, I've come to realize we are losing some of the most treasured aspects of this breed;

even temperaments, stock working ability, overall good health and in some cases, structural soundness. 


I am a supporter and follower of the ASHGI Ten Step / Ask+Tell Program. Only through being open, honest and by practicing full disclosure can we rid our breed of the health problems which are occuring at an alarming rate. I also firmly believe that rumor, opinion and hearsay are not accurate methods of collecting information. Listening to gossip is no way to make decisions on a particular person's breeding program or ethics. Go to the source, get the facts, ask tough questions, expect answers. 

Our Current Litter - Valor X Samantha. 

Selecting a Puppy

There are many ways to select a puppy for your family. In fulfilling our mission as a responsible breeder, we utilize all tools at our disposal to select the puppy which will best fit within your family. Please take a few moments to read our thoughts on puppy selection.

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