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SVCH SPCH ATCH WTCH CH Hardrock Willobrook DirectHit UD RTDs GS-E JS-E RS-E DNA-CP

Owner: Renee Watson 
Breeder: Cheryl Padgett

September 27, 1997 - September 12, 2009

Color: Blue Merle                                     
OFA: Hips - Good

Dentition: Complete/Scissors


Husker was my first Aussie and I could not have asked for a truer and more loving companion. When I got him, my only desire was to find a good obedience dog. As time went on, we were introduced to more venues we could play within. He rapidly learned and mastered one after another. I never dreamed we could or would accomplish what we did during his show career. What I came to realize was Husker's biggest attribute was his heart. No matter what I asked, he always tried and didn't quit because he didn't want to let me down.

All accolades aside, Husker was an extension of my heart. He was always there, eyes filled with love and understanding. He's been gone a while now and not a day goes by that I don't think about this dog. He was one in a million.

Career Highlights:

- The first dog in the history of ASCA to achieve both the SVCH and SPCH titles. His UD in January of 2005 completed the long road.

- Qualified for the Obedience Finals in both Novice and Utility.

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