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VCH PCH WTCH A-CH Hardrock Willobrook MsMemphis CDX RTDcs GV-O JV-E RV-O

Owner: Renee Watson 
Breeder: Cheryl Padgett

DOB: August 30, 1999  -  August 26, 2015

Color: Blue Merle            

Dentition: Complete/Scissors


Maddie is and always has been the "Queen Bee" at our house, ever since she walked in at 11 weeks. She is a sweet girl, who's tough as nails who will snuggle up to you to watch TV, then go out swinging on cow tails in the morning. She's always there to be the "Fun Police" and no unsanctioned shenanigans will happen on her watch. She is truly a lovely example of the breed. 

During her show career, Maddie always enjoyed herself and loved showing off for the crowd. Particularly in Obedience, if she was not going to qualify, she made sure it was a joy to behold!

Career Highlights:

- Maddie was invited to compete in the 2005 & 2006 Conformation Invitationals. She placed 3rd in 2005.

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