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TrueGrit Jasper Cogburn ATDcd OTDs RTDc RN DNA-VP

Owner: Renee Watson
Breeders: Devona & Bob Myrick

October 24, 2001 - November 22, 2014

Color: Black Bi         
OFA: Hips - Good, Elbows - Normal      

Dentition: Complete/Scissors


Jasper is a happy go lucky guy who LOVES to work. He's a fantastic cattle dog and works ducks beautifully. Sheep are the one thing that give Jasper a little trouble or perhaps we should say jasper gives them a little trouble. He needs just his two Advanced sheep legs for his WTCH, maybe this year...

All kidding aside, Jasper is a wonderful dog who definitely has a personality of his own. He's taught me so much about working livestock and working with a dog who knows so much more than I do about it. It's been an amazing journey with him, trying to figure out what he knows and understanding how to work with him.

Career Highlights:

-Multiple High in Trial Ducks

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