Sunfire Spring Fever Not Today

Valor 1yr 2.jpg

Owner: Renee Watson 
Breeder: David Clayton, Sherrie Scott & Katelyn Scott Peart

March 24, 2019

Color: Blue Merle with Copper

Full Dentition

Health Clearances:  MDR1 - n/N     HC - n/n                                


Valor is an amazing dog who lives life to the fullest! He's always playing and no stuffed toy is safe near him. He comes by his nickname, Wreck It Ralph, very honestly. He's a boy with a big heart and it's full of fun and great ideas. 

He's turning into a very handsome guy and got his first ASCA major before he was 10 month old. He's excelling at Obedience, learns at an amazing rate and works with a very flashy style. He loves to please and wants to learn any new game. He's a very thoughtful and kind worker with his stock. He's still a little rowdy, but cares about his stock and is very biddable. Looking forward to some great things from this young man.