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Puppies - Week 6 - The puppies are really growing and changing. They don't look so puppy-ish any more, they're starting to become little dogs. There is a LOT more running, wrestling, chewing, tugging and exploring going on. They now also have a pen outside where they can run and frolic a few times a day. Hard to believe most of them will be gone in less than two weeks. They are eating about 20 cups of food a day now and we have to increase the amount about every other day. They are becoming more used to loud noises and lots of different experiences. To announce meal time, we're dropping an empty aluminum food bowl, hoping that in the future any startling, loud noise will correlate to "hey, I might get something to eat now." The pictures were a struggle this week. Everyone had to have a retake or two, except Hugh, he is always the good boy! 

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