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Puppies - Week 5 - Everyone keeps growing like a weed! They are eating 15 cups of food a day as a group. They are working on their pouncing, prancing, leaping and play bowing. Everything is fair game to chew on. They are cutting their first molars and starting to eat more of the dry food that I leave out for them and Jaime. They got to go outside for the first time on Friday. The world is a big place, but they took it all in stride. They also got another toenail clip this week. Everyone was very well behaved for that. The neighbors cut down a very big tree on Thursday, so they got to listen to all those noises. It was interesting, but not scary. Also, the big storms that have come through in the last two days were taken well in stride. I think we have a very tough bunch here. They did much better posing for the camera this week. Some of them are thinking of being professional show dogs!

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